UVA Health Knowledge Link

UVA Health, a leading academic healthcare system in Virginia, offers patients and healthcare professionals a wealth of information through its UVA Health Knowledge Link. This comprehensive online resource serves as a one-stop shop for various healthcare-related needs, from finding doctors to accessing educational materials.

Unveiling the Knowledge Link: What it Offers

The UVA Health Knowledge Link caters to diverse audiences, providing valuable resources for:


  • Find a doctor: Search for qualified healthcare providers based on your location, insurance plan, and specific needs.
  • Schedule appointments: Conveniently book appointments online with physicians and specialists within the UVA Health network.
  • Manage health information: Access your personal health records, including lab results, medications, and upcoming appointments.
  • Learn about conditions and treatments: Gain insights into various medical conditions, treatment options, and preventative measures through educational materials and interactive tools.

Healthcare professionals

  • Stay up-to-date: Access continuing medical education (CME) courses, clinical practice guidelines, and research findings to stay informed about the latest advancements in healthcare.
  • Collaborate with colleagues: Utilize secure online platforms to connect and collaborate with fellow healthcare professionals within the UVA Health system.
  • Access clinical resources: Leverage clinical decision support tools, protocols, and formularies to enhance patient care.

Navigating the Knowledge Link: A User-Friendly Experience

The UVA Health Knowledge Link is designed for ease of use, offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.

  1. Clear and concise menus: The platform features clear and well-organized menus, allowing users to quickly locate the information they need.
  2. Search functionality: A powerful search bar enables users to find specific information by keyword or topic.
  3. Mobile-friendly design: The Knowledge Link is accessible on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring convenient access to information on the go.

Empowering Patients and Healthcare Professionals

The UVA Health Knowledge Link extends beyond simply providing information. It empowers patients to take ownership of their health by facilitating access to their health information and educational resources.

For healthcare professionals, the Knowledge Link fosters collaboration and professional development, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and service delivery.

Accessing the Knowledge Link

To access the UVA Health Knowledge Link, visit https://uvahealth.com/ and click on the “For Patients” or “For Healthcare Professionals” tab, depending on your needs. Login credentials might be required for accessing certain features.

UVA Health also provides helpful resources and tutorials to guide users through the platform and its functionalities.


In conclusion, the UVA Health Knowledge Link is a valuable resource for patients and healthcare professionals seeking information, managing healthcare needs, and staying informed about health advancements. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive content, the Knowledge Link empowers individuals to navigate their healthcare journey with greater confidence and knowledge.