Randevü Understanding the Turkish Concept of Appointment

“Randevü” is a Turkish term that translates to “appointment” in English. It is a common word used in everyday language in Turkey to refer to scheduled meetings or engagements.

Linguistic Origins and Meaning

The word “randevü” has its roots in the French word “rendez-vous,” which also means appointment or meeting. The adoption of this term into Turkish illustrates the historical influence of French on the Turkish language, particularly during the Ottoman Empire’s modernization period in the 19th century.

Usage in Daily Life

Randevü is used in a variety of contexts, such as:

  • Medical Appointments: Scheduling visits with doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers.
  • Business Meetings: Setting up appointments with clients, colleagues, or business partners.
  • Social Engagements: Arranging to meet friends, family, or acquaintances.

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Making an Appointment

When making an appointment in Turkish, one might say:

  • “Randevu almak istiyorum” (I want to make an appointment).
  • “Randevun var mı?” (Do you have an appointment?).

Cultural Significance

In Turkish culture, keeping appointments (randevü) is a sign of respect and responsibility. Being punctual and honoring scheduled meetings reflects positively on one’s character and reliability. However, flexibility is also valued, and it is common to reschedule appointments if necessary.

Practical Applications

1. Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, randevü is crucial for organizing patient visits, managing time efficiently, and ensuring that patients receive timely care. Most hospitals and clinics in Turkey operate on an appointment basis to streamline their services.

2. Business

In the business world, setting appointments is essential for maintaining professional relationships and ensuring productive meetings. It helps in managing time effectively and respecting the schedules of all parties involved.

3. Social Life

Socially, making appointments helps in planning gatherings and ensuring that friends and family can meet without conflicting schedules. It fosters better communication and organization in personal relationships.

Technology and Appointments

With the advent of digital technology, making and managing appointments has become more convenient. Many services now offer online booking systems, reminders, and rescheduling options through websites and mobile applications. This digital approach to randevü enhances efficiency and accessibility.


The concept of randevü plays a vital role in Turkish society, facilitating organization and time management in both professional and personal contexts. Understanding its importance and proper usage can help individuals navigate their daily lives more effectively, ensuring that they honor their commitments and respect the time of others.

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1. What does “randevü” mean?

“Randevü” is a Turkish word meaning “appointment” or “meeting.”

2. How is “randevü” used in everyday life?

It’s used to schedule medical visits, business meetings, and social gatherings.

3. How do you say “I want to make an appointment” in Turkish?

You say “Randevu almak istiyorum.”

4. Why is keeping a randevü important in Turkish culture?

It shows respect and responsibility towards others’ time.

5. How has technology affected randevü scheduling?

Digital tools have made booking and managing appointments more convenient and efficient.