Used Can-Am Spyder

Are you considering buying a used Can-Am Spyder? These three-wheeled motorcycles offer a unique riding experience, blending the thrill of a motorcycle with the stability of a car. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about purchasing a used Can-Am Spyder, from the benefits and drawbacks to what to look for when making your purchase.

Understanding the Can-Am Spyder

What is a Can-Am Spyder?

The Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheeled motorcycle manufactured by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). Unlike traditional motorcycles, the Spyder features two wheels at the front and one at the rear, providing a more stable ride.

Types of Can-Am Spyder Models

  1. Spyder F3: Known for its muscular design and relaxed riding position.
  2. Spyder RT: The touring model, equipped with advanced features for long rides.
  3. Spyder RS: A sporty model, perfect for those who love speed and agility.
  4. Spyder ST: A blend of sport and touring features, offering versatility for various riding styles.

Benefits of Buying a Used Can Am Spyder

Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages of buying a used Spyder is the cost savings. New models can be quite expensive, but used ones offer the same thrilling experience at a fraction of the price.

Lower Depreciation

Motorcycles, like cars, depreciate in value over time. By purchasing a used Spyder, you avoid the steepest depreciation, which typically occurs within the first few years of ownership.

More Options

The used market often has a variety of models and years to choose from, giving you a broader range of options to find a Spyder that fits your needs and budget.

Potential Drawbacks of Buying a Used Can-Am Spyder

Potential for Hidden Issues

Used vehicles can come with hidden issues that may not be immediately apparent. It’s essential to have the Spyder inspected by a professional mechanic before purchase.

Limited Warranty

Unlike new models, used Spyders may not come with a warranty, meaning you could be responsible for any repairs that arise after purchase.

Availability of Parts

Depending on the age of the model, finding replacement parts for repairs and maintenance could be more challenging.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Can Am Spyder

Condition of the Vehicle

Inspect the Spyder thoroughly for any signs of wear and tear. Pay special attention to the tires, brakes, and engine condition. Look for any signs of rust or damage that might indicate poor maintenance.

Maintenance Records

Request the maintenance records from the previous owner. Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and performance of the Spyder.


Check the mileage on the Spyder. Lower mileage typically indicates less wear and tear, but it’s not the only factor to consider. A well-maintained Spyder with higher mileage can still be a good purchase.

Test Ride

Take the Spyder for a test ride to ensure it runs smoothly and meets your expectations. Pay attention to how it handles, the responsiveness of the brakes, and the overall comfort of the ride.

Where to Buy a Used Can Am Spyder


Many dealerships offer certified pre-owned Can-Am Spyders, which have been inspected and come with some level of warranty. This can provide peace of mind but may come at a higher price than buying from a private seller.

Online Marketplaces

Websites like Craigslist, eBay Motors, and Cycle Trader are popular platforms for finding used Spyders. Be sure to exercise caution and thoroughly vet the seller before making a purchase.

Private Sellers

Buying from a private seller can often yield the best deals, but it’s essential to do your due diligence. Verify the seller’s credentials and ensure all paperwork is in order.

Financing Options for Used Can Am Spyder

Bank Loans

Many banks offer loans specifically for purchasing motorcycles. Compare interest rates and loan terms to find the best option for your financial situation.

Dealership Financing

Some dealerships offer financing options for used vehicles. While convenient, these loans may come with higher interest rates compared to bank loans.

Personal Loans

A personal loan from your bank or credit union is another option. These loans can be used for any purpose, including purchasing a used Spyder.

Insurance for Used Can Am Spyder

Importance of Insurance

Insurance is crucial for protecting your investment in case of accidents, theft, or other unforeseen events. Make sure to shop around for the best rates and coverage options.

Types of Coverage

  1. Liability Insurance: Covers damages to other vehicles or property in an accident.
  2. Collision Insurance: Covers repairs to your Spyder after an accident.
  3. Comprehensive Insurance: Covers non-collision-related damages, such as theft or natural disasters.

Maintenance Tips for Your Used Can Am Spyder

Regular Inspections

Regular inspections are vital for keeping your Spyder in top condition. Check the tires, brakes, and fluid levels frequently.

Scheduled Servicing

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule for oil changes, brake checks, and other routine maintenance.


Proper storage is essential, especially during the off-season. Store your Spyder in a dry, temperature-controlled environment to prevent rust and other damage.

Customization Options for Can-Am Spyder

Performance Upgrades

Enhance your Spyder’s performance with upgrades like exhaust systems, suspension kits, and engine tuning.

Aesthetic Modifications

Customize the look of your Spyder with new paint jobs, decals, and custom lighting.

Comfort Enhancements

Improve your riding comfort with aftermarket seats, backrests, and handlebar adjustments.

Comparing Can Am Spyder to Other Three-Wheelers

Can-Am Spyder vs. Polaris Slingshot

While both vehicles offer a unique three-wheeled experience, the Spyder is more motorcycle-like, while the Slingshot feels more like a car with its side-by-side seating.

Can-Am Spyder vs. Trikes

Traditional trikes have one wheel at the front and two at the back, offering a different riding experience. The Spyder’s two-front, one-back wheel setup provides better stability.

Can-Am Spyder vs. Other Can Am Models

Compare the Spyder to other models in the Can-Am lineup, such as the Ryker, to determine which vehicle best suits your riding style and needs.


Buying a used Can Am Spyder can be a fantastic way to enjoy the thrill of three-wheeled riding at a more affordable price. By understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks, knowing what to look for, and where to buy, you can make a well-informed purchase. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer, the Spyder offers a unique and exciting way to hit the open road.


How does a Can Am Spyder differ from a traditional motorcycle?

A Can-Am Spyder has a unique three-wheeled design with two wheels at the front and one at the rear, providing more stability compared to a traditional motorcycle.

Is it expensive to maintain a Can Am Spyder?

Maintenance costs can vary, but regular servicing and proper care can help keep expenses manageable. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Can I ride a Can Am Spyder with a regular driver’s license?

Requirements vary by location, but many places allow you to ride a Spyder with a standard driver’s license. Check your local regulations to be sure.

What is the average lifespan of a Can-Am Spyder?

With proper maintenance, a Can-Am Spyder can last for many years. The lifespan can vary based on usage and care but typically ranges from 10 to 15 years.

Are there any special safety tips for riding a Can-Am Spyder?

Always wear protective gear, including a helmet, gloves, and appropriate clothing. Practice in a safe environment to get used to the handling and stability of the Spyder.